lunes, 11 de agosto de 2008

Indonesian Cinema

On you can find an extract from the documentary film 'Indonesian Cinema' produced, filmed and edited by Maurizio Borriello.
This documentary explores the universe of Indonesian cinema following the country's most significant political and historical events.
Starting with the era of the Dutch colonialism, and combining stock footage, photos and interviews, the film describes genres, issues and styles, authors, characters, working methods, delving into the effects of politic and religion attitudes, and it tries to decipher representation symbols and patterns, exploring the relations of cinema to the theatre, both traditional and modern, the literature, the fine arts. The director follows attentively also other expressions resulting from the impact of cinema on Indonesian popular culture, like the wandering cinematographs and the hand-painted posters for movie advertising. Finally, the film offers a prospective inside the upcoming Indonesian cinema, providing access to the work of film crews, sets, film studios and film laboratories.

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