martes, 7 de octubre de 2008

Dialëktus Festival 2009 - BUDAPEST (HUNGRIA)

Dialëktus Festival 2009
European Documentary and Anthropological Film Festival
Budapest, 3th-8th March, 2009.

Submissions deadline: 17th October 2008.
Dialektus is here again, Europe's most creative and sensitive documentary film competition! The festival was created to present the world's cultural diversity and show how the world is seen through the eyes of European filmmakers. There is nothing more exciting than human stories!

AIDS in the Ukraine, media hack in the Hungarian press, a Romanian teacher working as an Elvis impersonator, a Belgian anthropologist among the Indians of French Guyana, prisoners escaping from Auschwitz in a Gestapo jeep, oil workers in Azerbaijan, Vietnamese speaking "Czechoslovak", a Chinese foundry in Germany - just a few of the topics touched upon in films presented at Dialektus in 2008.

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